Why choose us


Working alone as a consultant can be tough.
Working with our team offers the following benefits:

More clients

Our global network and reputation gives you access to more opportunities.

Faster payments

Chasing invoices can be a distraction.  At Edified the company takes care of all invoicing and payment so you get paid faster.

Contracting umbrella

Edified handles all the contracting so you can focus on helping your clients succeed.

Larger projects

Because we’re a growing team, you can be part of larger projects.

Professional development

We are committed to education.  That means for us too.  We work on constantly improving ourselves and our practice.

Supportive community

Getting support from your colleagues and peers means you can be more effective.

If you would like to find out more about joining our team please email mark@edified.com.au

Areas of expertise



Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy

Marketing Collateral




Social Media


Channel Management

Contract Management

Team Building


Tender Writing

Conversion Strategy

Market Entry

Sales Strategy

New Client Opportunities


Client Retention

Client Health Checks



Product Development

Product/Service Design

Gain ground quickly

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