Our difference

We’ve learned a lot about the challenges education clients face when working with consultants, so we created a new way of working to ensure your experience is happier, more rewarding, and more empowering.

We neutralise complexity, to create clarity.

We can help you find a clear path through the complexities and challenges of the education sector, and focus on those activities which have the best chance of delivering excellent results.

Senior people with a wealth of expertise.

Our three senior principals collaborate on the design for every project, so you’ll benefit from their collective experience.

We deal in tangibles, not theories.

We don’t just talk in terms of possibilities. We’re completely focused on achieving measurable results for your organisation, and we work with you to put our recommendations into practice. Then we stay with you until you get the results you set out to achieve.

We provide a clear plan of action.

Whatever your business challenge, we can help you prioritise and create a plan of attack, allowing you to focus where clear gains will be achieved most quickly and cost-effectively – according to clearly expressed deliverables and within a fixed project timeframe

The right team for the task at hand

We’ll custom-create a team of specialists to initiate measurable and rapid change. All our delivery partners are at the leading edge of digital transformation, so we’re well-placed to provide the newest and best technologies and approaches for your project.

We’re easy to work with.

We’ve actively sought to eliminate all the traditional problems of working with consultancies, with clear, direct communication, refreshingly direct and practical advice, and easy availability. With decades of senior experience in the sector, you can be confident we understand the challenges you face.

Gain ground quickly

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