You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

The Enquiry Experience Tracker is a syndicated research program designed to help higher education institutions understand how well they respond to enquiries from prospective students.

Posing as prospective students, we place enquiries through your key channels and analyse the responses.

Our experts score and benchmark the experience against other universities and colleges worldwide so you can understand your performance.

Participating institutions receive a personalised report including benchmarking, which enables you to:

  • Understand your performance compared with the broader sector
  • Identify how well you are meeting student needs and expectations
  • Pinpoint areas of strength and competitive advantage
  • Highlight opportunities to optimise the prospective student experience

The 2022 research results will be released in October. Registrations for the 2023 research will open at the end of this year.

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping will be done by six different prospective student personas. Undergraduate and postgraduate study enquiries will be made through key channels like phone, email and live chat.

Check the relevant Information Pack for details on the personas and channels selected for 2022.

Scoring and benchmarking

The enquiry experience will be analysed and assessed by Edified’s digital communication experts.
Evaluation criteria includes enquiry channel availability, responsiveness, communication quality and follow-up.

Informed by the latest student behaviour data and conversion insights from more than 1.2 million student journeys managed by UniQuest, our scoring model reflects today’s standard for effective student engagement.

Join the Enquiry Experience Tracker

The Enquiry Experience Tracker is a must-have for any data-driven student recruitment team.

Quantify how well your university delivers against key student engagement standards, and how your performance compares to your competitors.

You’ll be part of the mystery shopping and receive a personalised benchmarked report to support your student recruitment strategies.

Participation is simple and easy

  1. Register your institution
  2. Complete a short questionnaire
  3. Edified conducts field work and evaluation
  4. Edified sends you a final report

Check the relevant Information Pack (below) for  further details.

Registration has closed for the 2022 research round. Join our mailing list to get a copy of the global results when they are released later this year.

Download an Information Pack for more details

UK & Ireland
£ 2,450 / € 3,250
2022 UKI Info Pack (PDF)

Australia & NZ
AU $4,950 (ex gst)
2022 ANZ Info Pack (PDF)

North America
CA $4,950 / US $4,000
2022 NA Info Pack (PDF)

What can you expect?

See an example university report from 2021


Join the Enquiry Experience Tracker mailing list

Registrations for the 2022 research round have already closed.

Join our mailing list to get a copy of the global report when it is released in October along with information about the 2023 research round.

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