Edified is a specialist education consultancy dedicated to assisting Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, European and UK education providers and promoters to significantly improve their ability to build their brand and reputation, acquire and retain students, and deliver outstanding student/graduate success.
Our partners each have 20 plus years of experience working within education providers, government and service providers to the education sector.
We are results orientated, using our expertise, energy and partnerships with curated service providers to help our clients make dramatic improvements to their key metrics.
Edified was established because the founding partners saw a gap in the market for a complete service provider who could not only unearth insights but also find and implement the solutions to yield results.

Our mission

Dramatically improve our clients’ ability to Build, Acquire, Retain and Deliver

Our vision

The first-choice global consultancy and solution provider for the education sector.

Our values

Integrity. Respect. Excellence. Inclusion. Happiness.

Founders message
We believe education is one of the most valuable things a person can undertake in life. It enriches the student, the educator, the people they come into contact with, and society as a whole.

Investing in education has the power to enhance every other aspect of life and society, and it’s this extraordinary power that fuels our passion for working with educators and those who support them.

While our work can sometimes take us into technical, commercial and quite serious territory, the personal satisfaction we gain from helping students and educators come together in the most meaningful of ways, never wanes.

Mark Pettit


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