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February 5, 2024

aecc outperforms 75% of UK institutions in prospective student enquiry experience

In a global first, a popular study reveals that prospective students rate their enquiry experience with aecc higher than 75% of UK institutions.

In 2023, aecc became the first-ever education agent to participate in Edified’s Enquiry Experience Tracker (EET) research program, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in prospective student service across its global network of offices.

International student mystery shoppers placed dozens of enquiries by phone, email, live chat and social media to a sample of 20 aecc offices across India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Australia. Results were compared with global and regional benchmarks from Edified’s 2023 global research comprising 128 institutions – this included 48 UK institutions, of which 12 were Russell Group universities.

The research included 20 aecc offices across nine countries

On average, mystery shoppers gave aecc a positive rating for their enquiry experience, resulting in an overall score that was higher than 75% of UK institutions evaluated using the same methodology earlier in 2023.

aecc’s Malaysia office scored 86 out of 100 – better than any institution in the world.

The research also spotlighted aecc as a prompt and reliable responder to prospective student queries. When compared with 128 institutions worldwide, aecc rated #3 in the world and better than all UK institutions for ‘responsiveness’.

The student recruitment group outperformed the UK and global institution benchmarks for every enquiry channel, including social media, enquiry forms and live chat. This achievement demonstrates aecc’s dedication to delivering a world-class experience right from the initial touchpoint.

The findings highlight aecc’s forward-thinking approach to mobile-based enquiry channels, including offering WhatsApp across its global network of offices. Although mobile messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are preferred communication channels for many Gen Z students, 2 in 3 institutions globally have yet to integrate this option.

Key findings from the 2023 Enquiry Experience Tracker research for aecc

Edified’s Enquiry Experience Tracker (EET) is a global mystery shopping study developed in partnership with student conversion specialists UniQuest. It evaluates the prospective student enquiry experience across a range of channels, such as Instagram, live chat and email. The study includes 41 assessment criteria across the following categories:  enquiry channels, responsiveness, communication quality, follow-up and impact. Now in its third year, the EET provides an annual snapshot, not only of good and bad practice, but also of shifting trends on the different approaches towards enquiry management.

The findings of the EET global research, published in October 2023, highlighted the scale of lost enrolment opportunities and clear areas of improvement for institutions around the world.

Commenting on the results, Daryl Fong, Chief Operating Officer at aecc, says:

“We are very proud of the teams in the aecc network, especially in this case our Malaysia office, for their exceptional performance. Our results in the Edified EET are a testament to aecc’s commitment to delivering a world class student experience across our global network.”

Commenting on the results, Jake Foster, Chief Commercial Officer at aecc, says:

“When we became aware of the possibility of having a credible third party review our global students experience, we leapt at the opportunity. It was a no brainer for us at aecc to ask ourselves what we can do better to provide the best experience possible for prospective students everywhere.”

Commenting on the results, Adam-Lucas Pettit, Director of Partnerships (UK) at aecc, says:

“We are proud to be making a difference to our students and our global institution partners every day. The results of the Edified EET confirms to us that we are really offering a high-quality service for our students.”
“We are looking forward to exploring the factors driving the best student experiences and our best-scoring offices and adapting and applying those findings to our teams everywhere.”

Chris Davis, Senior Consultant at Edified adds:

“It was wonderful to have aecc as the first ever education agent to participate in our Enquiry Experience Tracker. The goal was to understand how aecc responds to prospective student enquiries and gain an objective evaluation of how their enquiry experience compares with that provided by institutions. The study used the same criteria and methodology to evaluate the prospective student experience offered by institutions and by aecc’s extensive office network.
“We’re thrilled to work with organisations like aecc who are student-centred and truly committed to learning, innovating and adapting in order to give students the best service possible.”

The Enquiry Experience Tracker can help you ensure you are delivering the high-level enquiry service which prospective students expect and deserve.

Learn how you can get involved in the 2024 EET here, or get in touch at

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