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July 15, 2019

Edified Energiser Grants - Applications now closed

Helping you help others

At Edified, we believe education can transform lives. We also believe that powerful change can be led by individuals with passion and commitment. We’ve created the Edified Energiser Grants (EEGs) to energise people working to improve education around the world.

EEGs are worth A$5000 each and are awarded to individuals or groups with a compelling plan to improve education for their community. The plan could be small - becoming a teacher in your community. It could be a grand plan - creating a new EdTech platform to bring free education to world. Or anything in between. What’s important is that your plan is compelling and that we can see you have the vision and capability to make it happen.

What’s a community? That’s up to you. It could be your home town, your country, or the whole world. It could be a group defined by their demographics – children in remote areas or adults working in health. It could be a virtual community. But it can’t exclude people on the basis of race, faith or sexuality.

EEGs are open to people of any nationality who are currently studying at, or have graduated in the last 2 years, from an Australian or New Zealand Higher Education, Vocational or English Language institution (offshore campuses included).


Applications are now closed

What we ask for:

  • Contact details
  • Education details and evidence of your enrolment or graduation
  • A short bio
  • Your plan in 2000 words or less
  • How the grant will help you achieve your plan

Shortlist will be published on or before the 11th of October 2019

If you're shortlisted you'll be expected to personally present your plan to our panel (either in person or via skype). If you're successful you'll be expected to provide updates on your project and give permission to be used in publicity for future grants.

In 2019 we will be offering 1-3 grants.

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